The goal of all our programs is to provide the training and support necessary for individuals served to become more independent in their lives and activities.

Adult Day Training operates Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m  Services are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to develop new skills for everyday living and receive training to enhance independence in pre-vocational skills, social skills, mobility training and leisure time skills.  A variety of community inclusion opportunities are offered weekly with an emphasis on vocational opportunities as well as recreational.

Supported Employment services include job procurement, individualized training, supervisory activities and ‘follow-up’ counseling.

Our primary employment programs are community-based and include individual employment (individual is hired directly by employer but assisted by our staff) and enclave (group supervised by Sunrise staff contracted by an outside entity). Other programs may include mobile work crews and entrepreneurial.

Supported Living provides the necessary supports to assist people to live independently in the community in their own homes.  Individuals direct individually tailored assistance to improve and increase home management skills and community living activities including money management, health and safety.

Seniors and others may now arrange for our Supported Living Service on a private pay basis:.


BASIC SERVICES:  Sunrise will provide client with:

  •  24 Hour Emergency assistance;
  •  Health & self medication management;
  •  Transportation advocacy;
  •  Meal Planning & preparation;
  •  Shopping assistance;
  •  Banking support;
  •  Assistance with third party benefits;
  •  Assistance with household maintenance
  •  Assistance with clothing care;
  •  Assistance with interpersonal communications;
  •  Assistance with housing procurement;
  •  Advocacy assistance;
  •  Safety and emergency procedures;



In most cases, payment for our services is arranged and administered through one of the Florida Agency for Persons with Disabilities Medicaid-Waiver programs.  See the APD web site for more information including eligibility.

We are also a contracted provider for the Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Med-Waiver program under the Department of Health.

Individuals not eligible for government paid programs may also make private pay arrangements.



Ellie (VanderMeuse) Roberts for further information at 239-643-5338 Ext 101; fax: (239) 643-4657 or email: